Friday, January 21, 2011


Remember how I asked for a GPS for out in the vegie garden/jungle? Well if you sent me one, it got lost in the

After tea tonight, I thought the evening was too lovely to be inside doing dishes. So I collected a basket and went outside to see what I could harvest.

Couple of duck eggs and half dozen chook eggs later, I started harvesting beans.

That lead to the following story. Pop the kettle on and make a cuppa before you start reading.

The asparagus had grown more spears and gone to that tall fern look, so the left of the Purple King beans was hard to get to. The pumpkin had grown on the right side of the beans, through the corn stalks. Making bean harvesting from that area, impossible.

Out came the gloves, up went my hair and in the jungle I went.

Looking into the corn area, I cut out almost half the corn stalks and any pumpkin vine I came across. No pumpkins forming in this area, so I was harsh in cutting the vines back.

Looking back towards the clothes line. At one time this view was blocked out and it was a struggle to get through to the back part of the garden.

I've left all that sitting there until tomorrow morning. Where I'll chop it all up by hand and compost it.

Look at poor #11, he's been underneath the pumpkin...poor bugger. Tomorrow I'll give it a feed and whisper to it, how much I love it and hopefully it won't sulk for too long.

Those stakes in the pumpkin area is actually the tomato area. This is the before photo.

After photo and once again the cuttings are laying there until tomorrow morning. Mozzies were coming out and I was getting tired as well. Huge amount of tomatoes to be harvested in weeks to come.

I found 1 pumpkin and I am hoping this one isn't the only one in the end for this season. This one is almost at the top of the fence in the duck area.

Future compost mess to be mixed with some chicken litter from their housing area.

Tomorrow I'll have my camera with me and take photos as my morning goes by.

On a more somber note.

I've been busy in the sewing room, (hence the pumpkin going feral) I have been making softies for my HUGGLES For Kids drive for children of the floods. There are some wonderfully talented ladies around Australia making softies to help me.

What am amazing country we live in, make me proud to be an Aussie. Seeing us come together as a nation.

Until next time....hoo roo

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I need orange said...

It's easy to know, intellectually, that one part of the world can be summer when another is winter, but when I look outside at the bare branches and gray skies and snow............

And then at your burgeoning garden..........

It's hard to take in!


Please send a summery thought to the other side of the world as you enjoy the fruits of your gardening labors.