Thursday, August 31, 2017

As Time Goes By

My goodness, time has flown by so quickly and so much has happened. I have been through some tough years, from loosing my dad and taking a year to get through those very dark months.

To open heart surgery October 2015.

Birth of 2 more grandchildren.

I still have my chooks and ducks. Some have passed on and new ones introduced.

My beautiful cat Lucky and my White Russian Rebel have passed on. I now have a very independent cat call Lara.

Matilda is the light of my animal world, a dog.

 That is Matilda with Harley who is nearly 20 years old. Matilda I call  my therapy dog, as she was given to me by Patrick when my dad died. She makes me smile and laugh, even when I am having a bad day.

I stopped gardening for a few years, but did keep making compost with what ever I could, that the chooks and ducks didn't eat.

Yesterday that all changed.

I have decided to go back to gardening. For lots of different reasons.

Here is a tease photo.

That is my four year old grandson Hudson, checking out our new gardening system.

Over the next few days  I'll be posting lots of photos of what is happening at Lucky's Duck Farm. I hope you'll come back and see what is happening.