Monday, September 04, 2017

Moving Forward

Getting the raised garden beds ready was a good stint of physical work. Been a few years since I have put in the hard yard like this.

First bed finished. In the raised bed is 3 wheel barrows of chicken manure from their bedding area, followed by 3 wheel barrow loads of top scrapings from the chook run. This was topped off with  3 lovely loads of my very own compost.

These gardening beds came from Aldi and they are just the right height and size for me.  Pat gave this one to me for my birthday. Who need jewelry when you can have gardening items???

Green bed is from Hudson and his family, they  gave me two green ones for my birthday. Supervisor is checking to make sure all the work is up to plant standard.

Plants in and pea straw starting to be spread around, for weed control. Notice the rubbish behind those beds is now gone as well? Looks much better now. I have planted apple cucumbers, burpless cucumbers, loose leaf lettuce mix, curly parsley and zucchini. Third bed is just sitting and waiting for the long weekend in October. Then that will have tomato, capsicum and basil.

Lemon tree also mulched for the up coming hot weather, as well for weed control too.

Given my girls a job too. In that pot is a mixture of weeds, lawn runners and garlic chives. I want the pot in the up coming weeks and thought, they can have a feed and clean the pot out for me.

While spreading the pea straw we had a downpour of rain, with small hail. This has made me think I should leave the bale of straw for the girl's area until next fortnight. That way its won't be as wet and yucky for them. So I'll invest in another pea straw bale this fortnight and keep mulching.

My garden is powering along and already I can see new growth in the seedlings.


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